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How to Update a Review

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2016 12:33PM PDT
Reviews are like blogs; you can add new entries, add photos and make changes to your ratings whenever you want.

To create a new entry, click the "Update Your Review" button at the top of your review page.

You'll be taken to a short form where you can:
  • Add an update title
  • Write a text entry
  • Add photos and videos
Mobile users: Please note that not all phones or tablets support photo upload. If your device doesn't have this feature, the option to add photos won't appear.

When you're finished, click "Post Update" at the bottom of the form. Wait for the page to reload and that's it! Your update will be posted to your review immediately.

Want to Change Something Else?

You can change almost anything by clicking the "Edit" links next to each section of your review.

  • Change your review title
  • Edit or delete photos
  • Change your ratings
  • Change your doctor recommendation

If you don't see an option to change what you want, please see our entry on "How to Edit a Review" or contact our Community Support Team for advice.

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